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A vehicle’s flywheel is quite possibly one of the most crucial components in the manual transmission driveline. It is the first component in the transfer of the power from the engine and it is bolted directly onto the rotating crankshaft. Not only does it transfer the drive directly to the clutch, it also balances the engine as the crankshaft spins at thousands of revolutions per minute. It is therefore essential that the flywheel is perfectly flat where it meets the clutch or the whole transmission will judder and vibrate.

The highly skilled technicians at Gearbox Express have the precision testing equipment to guarantee that your vehicle’s flywheel is perfectly flat. In fact, whenever we fit a clutch or remove a transmission, we will inspect the flywheel. When the clutch is worn or has been slipping, the flywheel can become pitted or scorched. In such cases, we have the specialist machinery needed to skim microns of material off the flywheel without compromising its balance.

Flywheel machining is an extremely specialised operation and should only be carried out to the manufacturer’s specifications, or the integrity of the flywheel could be compromised. Our skilled team has access to all necessary data and equipment, enabling them to ensure that our flywheel machining is always carried out correctly.


Delivery Services

We offer a free strip and quote service on repairs, and carry a large stock of manual gearboxes for express overnight, country-wide delivery. We also offer a citywide vehicle collection and delivery service within the Ingleburn area.


Our reconditioned gearboxes are available with a 6 or 12 month warranty, dependent upon use and conditions.

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Don’t let anyone waste your money by fitting a new clutch without checking for flywheel machining. Talk to the local transmission experts at Gearbox Express today when you call (02) 9605 1515.

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